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No More Dissertation Isolation!

Professional Coaching in Graduate Education — Pro-CGE — is an academic consulting company based in Hawaii that helps students with all aspects of their graduate school experience, from coursework through the entire dissertation process. Pro-CGE is a professional and creative team that is proud of the strength and diversity of our business network. We collaborate with an expert team of Ph.D. analysts, consultants, editors, tutors, and subject-matter experts to provide customized support to Pro-CGE clients until final approval is obtained for whatever your graduate school endeavor is now and in the future. Once you join the Pro-CGE team, you’re instantly transported to a supportive environment where you can interact with our advisors, editors, tutors, and students at any time. You’re not left in the cold because Pro-CGE’s main mission is to take the isolation out of the dissertation. You don’t have to go it alone. Your team has your back.

Pro-CGE’s mission is to embody the Doctorate researcher work ethic in everything that we do in order to help Masters- and Ph.D.-level students in their graduate school endeavors. We take pride in diversity and welcome and value students from all genders, ages, fields, and walks of life. We value individuals who are completing their degrees to help themselves, their families, and their communities. We understand that advanced degrees can change lives and we believe that anyone should be able to attain their dream of completing a Masters or Ph.D. degree in an effective and efficient manner. In addition to dissertations, Pro-CGE offers full support for other academic projects such as journal publication and data analytics. Pro-CGE is here to assist and guide you in any way you require!

Our personalized coaching and consulting services are designed to meet all of a student's unique graduate school needs. We don’t have a cookie cutter style or a blueprint that we follow for each student. We understand that every student is different and brings unique and exciting ideas to the table. We value those ideas and will help you nurture and grow them into the best academic research theses, dissertations, and journal articles of which we are capable. Our Team is capable of volumes because, at Pro-CGE, we live and die by the Team. We don’t believe in failure, just good old-fashioned hard work, and success.

The speed of the pack is the speed of the leader. We’re leaders in graduate education. Come join our pack!

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